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Improved Response for People Living in Florida and California Who Wish Cryonic Suspension

When we receive an emergency response call concerning American Cryonics Society members, we can then dispatch a standby and emergency response team. This team consists of trained personnel and equipment so that a suspension can be initiated immediately after the doctor pronounces the patient as legally dead.

How soon a team can respond depends upon the home base of the team. The American Cryonics Society now has contract providers based in Southern California and in South Florida. The American Cryonics Society has long had a base in Northern California in the San Francisco Bay Area. The fact of having teams based on both east and west coasts also mean that we can cover the entire country better. For further information for people living in California or Florida, go to our discussion under Florida and California cryonics.

Let’s talk :)

We’ve been talking to folks about cryonics for almost 40 years! We know that the prospect of life extension through cryonics can be strange and a bit intimidating. That is why we’ve laid out several paths to knowledge. You can phone us, write us, e-mail, or read about cryonics and the American Cryonics Society through books or online. Any information is good information. On the other hand, a lot of online information is misleading. It is best to take a few minutes to call and find out from a direct source.

The American Cryonics Society is a member run organization. We have no stockholders or owners. The best folks to help you understand cryonics and answer questions are our members. Several such members have agreed to be available by phone. Please click on our contacts page for phone numbers and e-mail addresses for these chatty members.

This webpage is meant to be Cliff Notes and an introduction to cryonics and the American Cryonics Society to give you enough information to ask the right questions! Our contacts page gives the address for our “everything you have ever wanted to know about cryonics” full blown website.

Good luck on your upcoming journey of discovery!

For emergency suspension instructions, please click here.

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